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Cut Ediscovery Time in Half: Leveraging the Cloud to Speed Ediscovery

Cut ediscovery Time in Half

Leveraging the Cloud to Speed ediscovery

Today legal hold data requests expand far beyond traditional email server requirements. Last year alone, 62% of requests included data from mobile devices and 37% from cloud application services. As the data volumes increase, Legal and IT teams can no longer continue to rely on legacy eDiscovery processes that are both inefficient and costly.

In this webinar, learn how the latest generation of ediscovery solutions, using native-cloud technologies, are dramatically reducing both data collection and ingestion times, while significantly increasing the speed and efficiencies of the analysis and review process. Hear how legal and IT teams can:

  • Extend data collection to endpoints and cloud apps to centrally collect, preserve and classify information
  • Increase transparency for senior lawyers and corporate counsel through automated real-time metrics
  • Achieve cloud-to-cloud data transfer to reduce the risk of data spoliation while removing the need for physical collection and shipping

By moving your ediscovery process to the cloud, IT can quickly respond to their legal department’s inquiries, and legal teams gain faster data ingestion times along with high speed processing, analysis, and review.